London, UK

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Fantasy Book

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My mission:

Early in 2017 I have started to scribble some concepts for my first Fantasy Novel and earlier this year I have actually decided to put words on  paper.

It is coming along really nice, way better than I had ever expected and I am determined to complete it in the next four months!
I am constantly Streaming Live on Twitch - creating the concepts for my characters as well as all the graphical elements needed for a book as good as I imagined it and would love any sort of feedback at any steps!

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Soon I will post the first chapter for reviews and if you want to keep in touch just Subscribe!

Live Stream's progress

I will be streaming, often, 30 min/day and try new concepts for my characters and for the past week I have been working at the IMP, called Nuuk - below the progress

Watch me live Streaming on Twitch at!

First video tutorial of the Fantasy Book Map in Photoshop

creating the base - terrain and water layers.